abrasive foam pad

Abrasive foam pads are specialized sanding tools characterized by their foam-based construction and abrasive coating. These pads are commonly used for fine sanding and polishing tasks, offering flexibility and conformability to various surfaces, including curved and contoured areas. Typically available in different grits and sizes, they are suitable for applications such as woodworking, automotive refinishing, and surface preparation in construction. They provide efficient material removal while minimizing the risk of over-sanding or damaging delicate surfaces. They are often preferred for their versatility, durability, and ability to reach tight spaces that traditional sandpaper cannot access. Browse our selection of abrasive foam pads to find the right tool for your sanding and polishing projects.


types of abrasive foam pad


sanding sponges

product details:
Available size 120X100X12mm
Available Grits 120, 150, 180, 220, 320, 400
"above 400 grits on request".
  1. Soft sponge
  2. Medium sponge
  3. Hard sponge
  4. EVA
  1. Aluminium Oxide or Black silicon carbide abrsive
  2. Coating: Closed coated
  1. For sanding curved, contoured or flat surface of wood, metal, paint, plastic, ceramics and drywell.
  1. Flexible, can sand into areas unreachable by sand paper sheets.
  2. Durable, Washable.
  3. Comes in various sizes and grit combinations

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